Effective Ways to Stop Hair Breakage

A hair is damage when it has aged prematurely and has lost its elasticity: the hair fiber then breaks at the slightest “aggression”, sometimes even from the root, which makes you mistakenly believe in hair loss. As a result, your hair is less provided and your haircut loses its shape. Your hair is fragile? They fall into the sink during styling and are increasingly sparse? If this is what’s happening, then you might have hair breakage

How to avoid breakage

And yes gentlemen, damage hair is not just for women. They can be fragile naturally, but also due to aging or a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Counter the latter quickly with the help of food supplements. A healthy lifestyle is essential for strong hair: avoid stress, sleep well and eat a balanced diet.

Adopt hair care habits

To repair your strands, bet on a shampoo and a keratin mask therapy. It restructures and strengthens the hair fiber in depth. Keratin is essential for hair to restore its suppleness and make it stronger. If they get tangled while shampooing, use a detangling treatment to loosen them up before washing. Detangling. They will no longer break when combing.

Gestures that weaken hair

Run your hand constantly through your hair, shampoo every day, use your straightener daily or even abuse styling products are all habits that damage your hair. Similarly, avoid rubbing your hair with your towel, but dab it lightly to wring it out. Also don’t sleep with wet hair. Wet, they are more sensitive and break when you move during your sleep. As for the hair dryer, you can use it provided you activate its cold air function, which is softer with your locks. If you are a fan of the male bun, tie your hair with a fabric elastic without metal parts. The latter exerts a pressure that breaks the fiber.

How to take care of your hair when it is damage and has breakage and split ends?

When keratin loses its elasticity, your hair becomes damage prone resulting in split ends and breakage. What to do to solve this problem faced by many men

What’s damaged hair

A damage hair is a prematurely aged hair, whose keratin has lost all elasticity. This lesser resistance often comes from abusive cosmetic treatments such as permanents, straightening, coloring, etc.

But the problem can also be related to a malfunction of the thyroid gland, an undetected iron deficiency, an ill-conceived weight loss diet, to name only the most common causes.

Test your hair and keratin health and where do the split ends in the hair come from.

Test your hair and keratin health

Take a hair from your head and stretch it little by little, holding its two ends firmly between the thumb and index finger of both hands. If toned, your hair will grow 20-30% longer. When you release it, it will return to its original shape.

On the other hand, if it breaks easily, without stretching, it is a sign that your keratin is in poor health and that it must be treated. Our advice: have it diagnosed first, to find out the origin of the disorder and treat it accordingly.

A damage hair can break at all lengths, including at the scalp, which reduces the overall volume of the hair. But this reduction is only temporary and the regrowth will not bear any trace of past alterations, if the hair is well treated. We must not confuse breakage and pathological hair loss, which comes from an imbalance of the vital functions of the hair and requires other care, again after diagnosis.

How to take care of your hair when has breakage and split ends

When you are a man, you can encounter a whole host of problems with your hair: dandruff, premature baldness or even damage or split ends. Yes, gentlemen, split ends and breakage are unfortunately not just for women. To know how to overcome it, we must already determine the origin of the problem

What causes hair breakage

Damage and breakage are sometimes preceded by unusually dry hair. Dry weather, low humidity, and too much heat are all variables that contribute to it. When washing your hair, make sure to use warm water rather than hot water, as the latter will cause your hair to dry out even more. Hair breakage is caused by a variety of factors including diet, stress, dryness, heat damage, over-processing, over-washing, towel drying, hair ties, brushing and combing, haircuts, hypothyroidism, and eating disorders.

Where do the split ends in the hair come from?

Split ends also correspond to prematurely aged hair. It results in a splitting, at the tip or on the last centimeters of the hair, where the keratin is the most fragile. If you want to get rid of it immediately, there is only one solution: cut the split ends because no care can reunite them. But with proper treatment, they will not reform on the hair that will grow back.

How to treat split ends or hair breakage?

Avoid aggressive shampooing, brushing and overheat drying

If you can’t avoid blow-drying, first blow-dry your hair in the cold air, until it’s almost dry. Only use your brush with lukewarm air to give them their final shape.

Avoid repeated cosmetic manipulations

which deconstruct the deep layers of keratin. If you color, wick, perm or straighten regularly, make sure that the products are applied only in “fitting” on the regrowth, without touching the lengths.

The association color and permanent or color and straightening, which attacks the keratin too much.

The regular use of products called “nourishing for the ends”, if they are based on silicones: they dehydrate the hair.

Regular use of hairsprays or gels as they tend to thin keratin.

Take regular care

It can be done before shampooing, based on vegetable moisturizers and protein replenishes. This is about penetrating the heart of the keratin and rebuilding the defenses it no longer has.

At the end of the shampoo, a little cider vinegar or lemon juice, in the last rinsing water, to remove the limestone from the water.

Hot oil treatment

Stop hair breakage with hot oil treatments.

This is something you can do at home, and it is also not too expensive. Hot oil treatments are available at most salons and department stores. By sticking to these treatments.

You may get the moisture your hair need to stay supple and indestructible deep into the roots. When visiting their stylists, many clients want a hot oil treatment.

Try less coloring or perm

When you dye your hair or have a perm, you are exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. You might want to ask your hairdresser about natural-ingredient perms and colorings, which have less negative side effects.

After you’ve completed these procedures, give your hair a hot oil treatment a few days later to prevent hair breakage.

A healthy diet

 as for dry hair, rich in essential fatty acids (AGEs) and vitamin E. AGEs nourish the deep layers of the skin and are essential for the production of new cells in the hair growth zone, the one that surrounds the hair follicle and the root.

Vitamin E treatment

It preserves AGEs from rancidity. The more of these we ingest, the more vitamin E we need to protect them from the risk of oxidation.

In tandem, EFAs and vitamin E therefore help to lubricate the hair and make it less dry and less damage. They contain in particular: walnut oil, grapeseed, sunflower (cold pressed), wheat germ, cold sea fish, fish eggs, etc.

Finally, to take care of your hair and solve any hair problems, do not hesitate to have your hair diagnosed by a specialized center

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